Human Brain Insight

We often misjudge various individuals because we are not aware of their innate characteristic (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent and etc.). Sometimes people do not understand their own true potential. Every human being is born with an inborn talent and multiple intelligence.

What We Do


We dive into the realms of HUMAN EXCELLENCE in all Endeavour of Human Life, understand it and serve the recipe of Success & Fulfillment using the Ingredients i.e NLP & BREATH WORK.

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How We Do


We analyze and achieve HUMAN EXCELLENCE through the Process of IDENTIFICATION & RECTIFICATION.

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To create Consciousness & Blissful Awareness in the required Skill-Set of every Individual to Tap Into Optimum Potential and making them well equipped to take on any challenges and convert it into a Milestone.

To inculcate Positive Thoughts and Transform Lives ensuring Overall Development of an Individual.



To Create An Enviornment in which an individual will be aware of his/her Mental State and can change his/her state at will, if required

To Develop The Skill-Set of every individual Mentally, Technically & Physically so that they should be able to perform in all conditions.

To Impart Specialised Training & One-To-One Mentoring Session (with Specialized Tools and Techniques of NLP and BREATH WORK) to all individuals so that they are well equipped to take on any challenges and can turn in to a good future prospect.


Shalini was instrumental in driving the Soft Skill Trainings for Skill Tree's Batch of Students in NCWEB, Delhi University across all levels. She gave personal attention to participants therefore earning the respect of each participant and the programme overall. Programs such as Effective Communication, Team Building, Performance Enhancement, and Leadership Development run by her were instant hits. I take pride in identifying Mrs. Shalini Vij as our esteemed training partner who always has strived to provide best training solutions.

Neha Gupta
General Manager
Playbox Play Conceps Pvt. Ltd.

Shalini Ma’am has helped me a lot. She is the HOPE, the world talks about. Her Mind Strength exercises and Motivation can make anyone “Bahubali”. She is very Sweet. On the dark days, you don’t have to look out for the Sun, you must look for Shalini Vij Ma’am. Thank you for everything, Ma’am!!

Aprameya Jaiswal
Delhi State Player
U-16 & U-19

Shalini has conducted many Workshops in our Soami Nagar Model School, for Children as well as well as Parents. She is a great Motivator and involves to the depth with Children. Her valuable advice has benefited many Students and her Counseling Sessions are very effective. She touches the heart with her experience and knowledge. She considers every child Unique and finds Potential and inspires them.

Arti Prasad
Soami Nagar Model School

When I worked with Ms. Shalini, few years ago at Sri Balaji Action Medical Iinstitute, I observed that it is rare to meet someone as Organized and Calm like her. I happily recommend Shalini Ji to work in any creative business that values being on top of projects.

Manager Front Office
Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Ms. Shalini Vij is one of the Best Human Being, I have come across. She is very dedicated and a hard working employee. She has been a guide and a mentor to me past 11 years. Working with her was an amazing experience. Thanks to her Leadership Skills. She has always given work utmost importance and has sincerely worked for the betterment of Organization, she worked for. I wish her good luck and prosperity in future.

Neelam Duggal
Head Patient Care
Artemis Hospital

Shalini has been my colleague (in Artemis Hospital) and dearest person, I have ever met. She is most beautiful person at heart and having a great deal of understanding relationships. She has a beautiful smile align with a great personality. When I met her first (in Max Hospital), she was a Trainer and what a Trainer she is. I thoroughly enjoy her presence and feel very happy to have her in my life as a great friend and a guide. I wish her all the great luck for her in all her current and future endeavourers of life.

Rajeev Kapoor
Head Administration & Operations
Fortis Escorts Hospital (Faridabad)

Shalini has good intellect with comprehensive job knowledge, sincerity and commitment. Her Communication and Teaming Skills are also very good. Shalini has gained her respect through her high level of Professionalism and warm attitude. Her understanding of assignments, different work cultures, and employee sensitivities makes her a great leader. I would recommend to all, working with her to take advantage of her experience and Professionalism.

Ashish Thakur
DGM - Operations
Dr. Lal Path Lab

I wanted to take an opportunity and thank you for the great support you provided while I was working in PSS. You quickly understood my problem, although the working conditions were indeed challenging. In that situation, I was completely messed and completely empty, but your Professionalism and Positive Approach help me to get on right path. You were able to share your expertise in a practical and down to earth manner. Besides, Listening Skills, you have good Communication Skills as well. In addition, you were empowering, Inspirational, empathetic in relation to your down the line team. You were always ready to motivate the team members to perform their duties better and to increase Organization productivity. You are one of my best bosses till now. I really respect her because of million other little things that made her a great manager and a great person. I look forward to working with you again in future.

Ritu Tiwari
Clinic Manager
Parivar Seva Sanstha