Scope Of Services

In a world limited by its own resources, we guide and mentor people (Students, Teachers, Parents, Players/Athelets, Coaches, Employees, Managers/HODs etc) to understand their potential by utilizing the path of Neuro-science (NLP) and provide a trajectory of success to one’s career by creating awareness of one’s untapped potential through :  


Skill/Performance Enhancement Workshop


Mind Conditioning Workshop


One-O-One Mind Conditioning Sessions

Skill/Performance Enhancement Workshop

Customized Modules may be created as per need and requirement. Few common modules are listed below for reference

SELF WORTH Module 1: Analyzing & Building Self Image
Module 2: Becoming a Good Human Being
ATTITUDE Module 1: Positive vs Negative Attitude
Module 2: Philosophy of Winners and Losers
Module 3: Change Behavior – Change Environment
TEAM WORK Module 1: Understanding the concept of Team
Module 2: Key Actions in Team Building
Module 3: Stages of Team Growth
LEADERSHIP Module 1: Understanding & Developing Leadership Skill
Module 2: Leadership Skills, Traits & Styles
TIME MANAGEMENT Module 1: Evaluation of Time
Module 2: Time Wasters v/s Time Masters
STRESS MANAGEMENT Module 1: Awareness of Stress & Stressors
Module 2: Managing Emotions
Module 3: De-stressing Techniques
COMMUNICATION SKILL, LISTENING SKILL & BODY LANGUAGE Module 1: Developing Effective Communication Skills
Module 2: Hearing v/s Listening Skills
Module 3: Avoiding and Managing Barriers of Communication
Module 4: Impact of Body Language
Module 5: Signals to be aware of (Principal of Body Language)
INTERVIEW SKILLS Module 1: Grooming Standards & Telephone Etiquettes
Module 2: Basic Soft Skills & Email Etiquettes
Module 3: Handling the Interviewer (Controlling Nervousness)
CUSTOMER CENTRIC APPROACH Module 1: Knowing and Understanding Customer
Module 2: Customer Behaviour & Handling Techniques
Module 3: Understanding Customer Expectation
Module 4: Achieving Customer Satisfaction
Module 5: Universal Facts of Customer
Module 6: Importance of Customer Service
Module 7: Complaint Handling Skills
Module 8: Tips of good Customer Service
Module 9: How to achieve Service Excellence
Module 10: Understanding Service Iceberg
Module 11: Operating Principles by Behavioral Science
Module 12: Creating Life Time Customers
Module 13: Organizational Cohesivenss

Mind Conditioning Workshop

HUMAN BRAIN INSIGHT Awareness of Self and Power of Mind
NLP COMMUNICATION MODEL Understanding our own Internal Communication & Behavior
NEURO-PHYSIOLOGICAL ALLIGNMENT Mind & Body Synchronization, Clearing the Vision/Path of One-Self
GOAL SETTING Defining the Goal & Achieving Desired Outcomes
POWER OF BELIEF & SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Converting the Fixed Mind-Set to a Growth Mind Set (Launch Pad for Success & Fulfillment)
POWER OF BREATH WORK, FOCUS & VISUALISATION Managing Emotions/States, Enhancing Focus, Channelizing the path of Success
ANCHORS & AFFIRMATIONS Creating Own Path to Success, Confidence & Clarity
REFRAMING Power of Perspective (from Negative to Positive)

One-O-One Mind Conditioning Sessions using Specialized Tools & Techniques of NLP

It address and helps in resolving various concerns. Few common are listed below :

  • Low Self Esteem/ Self Image/ Lack of Confidence
  • Relationship concern – Personal (Family, Relatives, Friends etc) & Professional (Seniors, Colleagues etc.)
  • Any Kind of Fear or Phobia
  • Lack of Focus/Concentration (Studies, Sports, Profession, Life)
  • Lack of Happiness/ Negative Approach towards Life/ Depression/ Anxiety
  • Unable to make or reach goal/vision in life
  • Low Performance (Studies, Sports, Profession, Life)