1. Shalini is truly a sculptor-carving your personality as a fine craftsman, makes your light shine through. Her pleasing personality just connects through and leaves the audience spellbound with complete alignment with complete alignment of work to do within ourselves and become better individuals, professionals, leaders. My team came out much stronger as Individuals after the session. A delight to work with.

    Mangla Dembi
    Director Administration
    Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla

  2. Besides being a joy to work with, she is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas, soft skills and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several marketing plans for the Organization that has resulted in increased revenue. The new revenue was a direct result of the sales and marketing plans implemented by Shalini Mam.

    She has designed and facilitated leadership and management seminars and trainings for us. Her preparation for each seminar is comprehensive and meets the unique needs of each leaders, aspiring leaders and mid to senior level administrator. Her adept ability to address and resolve complaints and help diffuse volatile situations made her a vital part of the Management.

    She would be an asset to any employer and I whole heartedly wish her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. You are the Best out of Best Boss I ever had Shalini Mam…….. Love you.

    Munzareen Ali
    Clinic Incharge, Jaipur
    Parivar Seva Sanstha, Delhi

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a great and valuable learning experience to all our students on the topic of “Interview Skills”. All the activities conducted during the workshop constituted a cognitive interest in our students which I am sure will further help them to be a good corporate player.

    Himanshi Bansal
    Assistant Professor
    Deptt. Of Commerce CCS University, Meerut

  4. The training programme conducted by Ms. Shalini Vij, greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me great understanding of how it can be used and taught to develop trainee’s self-awareness/ self-management skills. It gave more deliberate ways to help us besides feeling pressured, to give advice or answers. It gave me a framework for what I already do. The resounding message for me is “We have this moment, only this moment, to respond or not”. It was very informative and I feel I can use this with my staff. Excellent training session: Learned a great deal and inspired to learn more. The training session was beautifully executed to bring together research and practice. Terrific!! One of very best presenters, who taught, shared, relevant practices, I can use.

    Kunwar Singh
    Clinic Manager
    Meddo (Chain of Diagnostic Clinics), Gurgaon

  5. It’s been great to know you (Shalini Vij) as a person and as my counselor over a short period of time. When I met you first, I was disturbed and confused but after meeting you I felt a deep connection with you. Over the period of our one-to-one sessions you helped me to get better and stronger mentally and emotionally and to know myself better. Now I feel I can handle many issues calmly in a better way. You helped me to resolve my own fears. I am thankful to God for sending an angel like you to help me find myself. You always have different solutions to handle single situation. Your strong personality and smiling face has given me the strength to do better for myself. You are a special part of our life. Thank you so much for being there for me and also for my son who see a friend in you. God bless you!!

    Dr. Garima Khurana
    Blood Bank Incharge
    Jaipur Golden Hospital

  6. I have known Shalini for more than 15 years now when she was working with us at Max Hospital. She used to be a part of Patient Coordinator Team at the Front Desk but even then she would stand out among her colleagues. What made her different from the rest was her ever smiling face, caring nature and above all her sincerity. She was the “Go to Person” for everyone around, whether it was a patient trying to reach a doctor in emergency or managing a stuck-up medi-claim or a doctor like me trying to schedule an urgent surgery or fix up an appointment mix up. She has always been “The Miss Dependable” for all of us working with her. And it was these attributes that were responsible for her meteoric rise from being a Front Desk Girl to a much sought Operations Manager in various Hospitals later on.

    But her passion then, and now, has always been Training and this is something that she both loves and excel at. Her trainees always have to say excellent things to say about her. Even here, she would go out of her way to help her trainees. I remember her reaching out to me once to arrange for a psychologist in a different city for one of her mentee, who was moving back to his home town. It has been wonderful to know Shalini both as a person and a professional and I am sure that all her trainees/mentees will find her, “A Trainer/Mentor Par Excellence”.

    Dr. Mukesh Taneja
    Consultant - Ophthalmogy
    LY Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

  7. It’s been nearly 10 years since I have known Ms. Shalini Vij as both a friend and colleague. She has worked under my direct supervision. During that time, I developed a very high regard for Shalini based on her outstanding contribution she made to improvise the processes. She has been able to handle large volume of work in time while maintaining the high standards of quality and work independently without any close supervision. Her upbeat demeanor and “can do” attitude combined with strong human skills enabled her to interface very effectively with internal and external customer at all levels. I am sure all these qualities would help her deliver the best in any profession including her own ventures. Wishing her, best of luck for her future endeavors.

    Pankaj Makhija
    Director Operations & Projects
    Norvic International Hospital, Nepal

  8. It is a need of times to address psychological and behavioral patterns which affect performance of players. “Sculpting Mentors” Coaches are making the effort in right direction and I suggest that they should conduct workshops for coaches.

    Sanjay Bangar
    Batting Coach
    Indian Cricket Team

  9. The Mind Conditioning Workshop conducted by Sculpting Mentors Team was excellent. We just touched upon the tip of Iceberg. NLP could go a long way in performance Ehancement and Consistency in teams and Individuals.

    R. Sridhar
    Fielding Coach
    Indian Cricket Team

  10. The Mind Conditioning Workshop conducted by Sculpting Mentors Team was excellent.

    Dinesh Nanavaty
    National Cricket Academy, Banglore

  11. Shalini is a great inspiration to all, she interacts with. I had the opportunity to work with her during my tenure with Max Healthcare and Artemis Hospitals and then followed her in her role of a “Motivational Coach” to install confidence in many and was behind their success in both personal and professional life. She is very passionate about her work and shows dedication to get it completed. I am also aware of her passion for “Hindi Poetry”. I wish her all the best in her endevour to inspire people and get the best out of them.

    Partha Dey
    Healthcare Leader & SME
    IBM India/ South Asia

  12. Shalini has been a colleague for a long time and I have had the opportunity to observe, witness and notice her way of working very closely, when we worked together in Artemis Hospital, way back. Her biggest differentiator from the crowd was her passion to ensure and deliver the result. After many years, when she came to do a session with my Leadership Team, I got the same feedback from my Team that they had a very passionate Trainer in her and that she left them thinking and so much more motivated. However, the real feedback was, when my Team went ahead to get Shalini back for a new session and on a new Topic this time!! “Such is the charisma; she creates while taking her sessions”.

    It’s been truly wonderful to know her and see how she has evolved over the years and with the palpable passion which drives her, it’s only going to take her high and high in her field. Wishing her, every Success in life.

    Dr. Kousar A. Shah
    Zonal Director
    Fortis Healthcare

  13. Sculpting Mentors is a Team of Life Coaches, who seem to have experienced all the colours, life has to offer. I have had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a session on “Time Management” conducted by Ms. Shalini Vij, at my Organization. It was a single session of 6 long hours and I was amazed to see this person standing tall all these hours, without a break and conducting the last minute of session with the same energy and enthusiasm, as she conducted the very first minute. Shalini is a “Magician” at work (oops….. it is her passion actually). She recognizes each and every participant in the session. In fact, she could even figure out who from the chorus of 21 people did not say good morning and the guy turned out to be most shy person in the group. She has the ability to read the faces, the voices, the body language and most importantly, even the silence. So, it may not be the good idea to meet her if you wish to conceal or keep things within you.

    Shalini listens to the problem carefully, analyzes it meticulously and picks the most suitable solution intelligently and almost immediately. The smile on her face and the charm she brings along every time one meets her, simply takes away most of the issues that may be bothering you at very moment. I happen to know her for the last 11 years and have been part of her ups and downs but what has been constant is her positivity towards life and sheer passion for training. Today, she has achieved this stature, purely by virtue of her sincerity and hard work. I wish her and Sculpting Mentors a great success for enlightening the lives, and living, of many more, in the years to come.

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta
    GM - IT
    Medanta – The Medicity

  14. The Mind Conditioning Workshop conducted by Sculpting Mentors Team was excellent.

    Abhay Sharma
    National Cricket Academy, Banglore

  15. Shalini was instrumental in driving the Soft Skill Trainings for Skill Tree's Batch of Students in NCWEB, Delhi University across all levels. She gave personal attention to participants therefore earning the respect of each participant and the programme overall. Programs such as Effective Communication, Team Building, Performance Enhancement, and Leadership Development run by her were instant hits. I take pride in identifying Mrs. Shalini Vij as our esteemed training partner who always has strived to provide best training solutions.

    Neha Gupta
    General Manager
    Playbox Play Conceps Pvt. Ltd.

  16. Shalini Ma’am has helped me a lot. She is the HOPE, the world talks about. Her Mind Strength exercises and Motivation can make anyone “Bahubali”. She is very Sweet. On the dark days, you don’t have to look out for the Sun, you must look for Shalini Vij Ma’am. Thank you for everything, Ma’am!!

    Aprameya Jaiswal
    Delhi State Player
    U-16 & U-19

  17. Shalini has conducted many Workshops in our Soami Nagar Model School, for Children as well as well as Parents. She is a great Motivator and involves to the depth with Children. Her valuable advice has benefited many Students and her Counseling Sessions are very effective. She touches the heart with her experience and knowledge. She considers every child Unique and finds Potential and inspires them.

    Arti Prasad
    Soami Nagar Model School

  18. When I worked with Ms. Shalini, few years ago at Sri Balaji Action Medical Iinstitute, I observed that it is rare to meet someone as Organized and Calm like her. I happily recommend Shalini Ji to work in any creative business that values being on top of projects.

    Manager Front Office
    Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

  19. Ms. Shalini Vij is one of the Best Human Being, I have come across. She is very dedicated and a hard working employee. She has been a guide and a mentor to me past 11 years. Working with her was an amazing experience. Thanks to her Leadership Skills. She has always given work utmost importance and has sincerely worked for the betterment of Organization, she worked for. I wish her good luck and prosperity in future.

    Neelam Duggal
    Head Patient Care
    Artemis Hospital

  20. Shalini has been my colleague (in Artemis Hospital) and dearest person, I have ever met. She is most beautiful person at heart and having a great deal of understanding relationships. She has a beautiful smile align with a great personality. When I met her first (in Max Hospital), she was a Trainer and what a Trainer she is. I thoroughly enjoy her presence and feel very happy to have her in my life as a great friend and a guide. I wish her all the great luck for her in all her current and future endeavourers of life.

    Rajeev Kapoor
    Head Administration & Operations
    Fortis Escorts Hospital (Faridabad)

  21. Shalini has good intellect with comprehensive job knowledge, sincerity and commitment. Her Communication and Teaming Skills are also very good. Shalini has gained her respect through her high level of Professionalism and warm attitude. Her understanding of assignments, different work cultures, and employee sensitivities makes her a great leader. I would recommend to all, working with her to take advantage of her experience and Professionalism.

    Ashish Thakur
    DGM - Operations
    Dr. Lal Path Lab

  22. I wanted to take an opportunity and thank you for the great support you provided while I was working in PSS. You quickly understood my problem, although the working conditions were indeed challenging. In that situation, I was completely messed and completely empty, but your Professionalism and Positive Approach help me to get on right path. You were able to share your expertise in a practical and down to earth manner. Besides, Listening Skills, you have good Communication Skills as well. In addition, you were empowering, Inspirational, empathetic in relation to your down the line team. You were always ready to motivate the team members to perform their duties better and to increase Organization productivity. You are one of my best bosses till now. I really respect her because of million other little things that made her a great manager and a great person. I look forward to working with you again in future.

    Ritu Tiwari
    Clinic Manager
    Parivar Seva Sanstha